Vincent Granville


Anacortes, WA

United States

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Founder and self-publisher at
Data Shaping Solutions
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Executive Data Scientist, Co-Founder
C-Level/SVP/Executive Team
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United States
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1 to 49
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Networking, New venture, Recruiting, Other
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Data Science, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Data Storytelling, Fintech, Scientific Research, Business Analytics, Digital Publishing, Mathematics

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  • Paul Jameson

    Red Ribbon
  • Paul Jameson

    Hello Vincent, 

    Thanks for the connection. I would like to ask you a question, when I joined here my BIO states (To understand the building blocks based on natural data transfer.) it's very good I like that, but could you tell me how my BIO was achieved? Was it (A) human input or (B) machine?  

  • Johnny L. Hopkins

    Thank for the request.

  • Marc Jape


    This is a great platform that I was not aware of. Keep up the good work.

  • Nasir M. Uddin, Ph.D.

    Hi Vincent:

    This is a great platform to be informed with any latest updates in the field of data science - thank you so much for such a platform.

    Regards, Nasir 

  • Christian Block

    Hello Vincent, 

    I just found DataScienceCentral and wanted to say thank you for putting it together! I'm looking forward to reading through more of the content and checking out your book (which I have ordered).  

    Best Regards,

    Christian Block

  • Philippe Van Impe

    Being from Belgium, you are welcome to join our meetup group about data sciences

  • Harvey Summers

    I thought you might like this site: 

    Interpreting Confidence Intervals

    an interactive visualization

  • Donald Tynes


    I recently was hired as a data scientist. As a new hire, leading the department of Business Intelligence, I am faced with self-posed questions such as, "What do I need to accomplish in the first 5 days?" And, "What should I accomplish in the first month?" And, of course, "How do I develop a long-term plan for transforming the business into a data-driven organization?" To make the problem of determining how I should focus my attention even more complicated, I have a single employee whom I want to groom to understand the algorithms that I am implementing. Also, I have a CEO who only agreed to hire for this position because the CIO, CFO, and COO encouraged him to do so, but he is highly skeptical of what data science can do for the organization; this complicates matters too because it puts on me a pressure to be dazzling right out-of-the-box. 

    I have given these questions considerable thought. I am on day 3 of my new job. I have decided to orient myself on the business' data, query tools, and self-service tools, such as QlikView. I have so many ideas, I have difficulty in choosing a single direction in which I should run. I must note that I want to be significantly impactful while minimizing disruptions in the business' daily functions. To that end, I keep thinking, "run a clustering analysis! Discover the patterns and trends in the company's data to begin the model-building process."

    What advice would you give a young data scientist on his 4th day on the job (as it is for me, tomorrow)? 

  • Lissy Able

    Hi Vincent,

    Can you suggest some points or links about serious data quality issue with the information pulled.



  • Sankara Kumaravel

    Dear Dr.Vincent, Thanks for preserving such a nice professional web page for Data Analytics, this is really help for the novice like me.
  • Dean Pangelinan

    Dr. Granville,

    Regarding the passerelle options for the Data Science certification program, does the notation of "IEEE Computer Science Society - Member" refer to Associate Membership in the IEEE Computer Society, or to full IEEE Membership with additional membership in the IEEE Computer Science Society?

    Please advise, at your earliest convenience.

    --  Dean Pangelinan

  • Bill Bahl

    Dr. Granville,

    I enjoyed your white paper on Building Dashboards that Flow and could not agree more with minimalism. One thing that seems to be missing from the dashboard packages I've seen is control charts.  At least for the process owner, my personal opinion is a control chart should be the first chart.  If the process is not stable and predicable, statistical analysis seems futile.  Before I retired (two months ago) we started including these in the process owners' LEAN PIT boards.  We generated them in Minitab.  It only takes a few clicks once the data is paste into Minitab.  Bill Bahl

  • Nitesh Choudhary

    Your posts are very informative and I have learned a lot from them. Thanks for sharing!
  • victor zurkowski

    Dear Vincent,

    Do you know how long does membership approval in "Analytic Bridge" take? I want to submit an answer to the self-correcting random walk problem. The answer is long, and I left a copy of my document (not the final draft) in Github.