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Mobile and Telecom AI

The Mobile and Telecom AI rubric covers smartphones and their networks, 5G rollouts, satellite deployments and related topics. It also covers technical aspects of the telecommunications industry, especially in regard to its role in networked communications.

Automatic Outbound Calling

How Automatic Outbound Calling is Important for Small Businesses

  • Aileen Scott 

Automated outbound calls are the preferred method of interaction with clients. We have all received an automated call and they will try to sell us something. When handled properly, these calls can enhance customer experience and boost productivity at your company.

IoT Internet of Things, Ai Artificial Intelligence, softeare tec

How AI/ML will Impact iOS App Development in 2023

  • Ahana Pearl 

Artificial intelligence has gained huge popularity in the last few years, with its application surging across every business sector. AI has impressively gained massive acceptance in the mobile tech world by bringing diverse facilities to our fingertips.

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