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Drones and Robot AI

This rubric covers the use of artificial intelligence systems used to control and respond to the behavior of drones, robots, and similar self-mobile sensor/actuator systems. This also covers the use of drones in various business-related scenarios.


Drone-based IoT Connect Smart Islands

  • ajitjaokar 

As an application domain for IoT, smart cities initially showed promise but have struggled over the last decade. However, Smart islands (instead of smart cities) may be good for the success of the Internet of Things.


The Cagle Report – Episode 1 – Send in the Drones

  • Kurt Cagle 

An interview with Brenden Bartholomew, President of Vector Aerial, on the use of drones in both military and civilian contexts, as well as a discussion about how Drone AI works and where it’s heading

Truck driver find their location on  digital map.

How Technology Aims to Revolutionize Trucking

  • Osama Rizvi 

If you look around your room, chances are that most of the things there travelled at some stage in a truck. Trucks are responsible for moving around 70 percent in the U.S. and it employs 7 million people, fifty percent of which are drivers. While technology has been improving lives in every field but the jobs of truck drivers still remain very tough. According to one estimate, some truckers walk about 3000 miles every week. However, like everything else, technology is set to alter the future of this industry. I will try to explain briefly how.

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