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Retail AI

This topic examines how artificial intelligence, machine learning and related digitization technologies are changing the retail sector’s business processes, including coverage of how personalization, customer sentiment analysis, product recommendation, dynamic pricing, drones and virtualization are influencing retail operations.

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Using ORMs to Promote Positive Reviews

  • Karen Anthony 

Do you have a small business, or have you started a new business venture? Are people talking about it? If you stand clueless about this, then you are doing something wrong.

Customer pay by smart watch

How RFID Technology is Applied in Banks and Financial Institutions

  • Manoj Kumar 

Banks and financial institutions offer great value and convenience to their end users. However, they are notorious for being susceptible to fraudulent attacks such as credit card identity theft. A lot has been done in adding layers of security to an individual’s banking experience.

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Image Annotation Overview 2022

One of the most important jobs in computer vision is image annotation. Computer vision essentially aims to give machine eyes — the capacity to perceive and comprehend the world — through various applications.

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