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Innovating Sustainable Data Storage with SwissVault

  • Dan Wilson 

SwissVault has been a game-changer since I first encountered them. Their groundbreaking approach to data storage has left a lasting impression on me, particularly their ability to combine high performance with environmental sustainability. This episode was an eye-opener for many reasons, and I believe it showcased the future of data storage.

The Road to Democratizing AI with Kwaai

The road to democratized AI with Kwaai

  • Dan Wilson 

“Our goal is to redefine the interaction between technology and personal data. We envision an AI that is not just a tool used by the masses but an extension of the individual, respecting their privacy and enhancing their autonomy.” -Reza Rassool

Energy Transition, Renewable Energies

Energy Transitions: We Need To Redefine the Problem and Reframe the Narrative

  • Osama Rizvi 

Climate Change, as an extension or corollary Energy Transitions, is undoubtedly one of the most critical issues that merit urgent and serious attention from policymakers, scientists, and governments across the globe. However, before looking for solutions, it is equally important to define and frame the problem in the most realistic and unbiased way to ensure the holistic nature of the solution(s).

Hurricane Ian in Florida

DSC Weekly 4 October 2022 – Resiliency

  • Kurt Cagle 

Last week, Hurricane Ian hit Fort Myers, Florida, skirting the edge of Category 5 Hurricane classification. By the time it exited the other side of the Peninsula (going on to hit the Carolinas as a severe tropical storm), Ian had brought 18′ storm surges that leveled buildings, killed at least seventy-five people, and left several million people without power. The storm was nearly as large as the state when it made landfall.

Green data center • Green energy data servers

Making Data Centers More Sustainable

  • Rob Johnson 

An even more significant challenge involves meeting the electrical demands of coming HPC systems and data centers in a sustainable way. Some exascale systems already have energy requirements akin to an entire town.

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