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Internet of Things

The IoT, or Internet of Things, rubric explores sensors, actuators, relays and the devices that make use of them. This includes IoT communication protocols, querying of state between systems and notifications of state changes in IoT devices that range from cameras to drone systems to toasters.

The Road to Democratizing AI with Kwaai

The road to democratized AI with Kwaai

  • Dan Wilson 

“Our goal is to redefine the interaction between technology and personal data. We envision an AI that is not just a tool used by the masses but an extension of the individual, respecting their privacy and enhancing their autonomy.” -Reza Rassool

cloud computing technology concept transfer database to cloud. T

Cloud Computing Services, Features and Benefits

  • Dinesh B 

Cloud computing services have grown in popularity significantly over the years. Many sectors are moving to cloud computing services for business operations. Cloud computing enables businesses to store, manage, and process essential data using remote servers hosted on the internet.

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