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Paid Vendor Campaign/Sponsorship Opportunities

TechTarget offers the most targeted media and events for enterprise IT professionals, providing IT vendors with the most effective and efficient marketing vehicles. Our ROI media reaches enterprise IT decision makers, and gives advertisers the payoff and performance they need to justify spending and support sales efforts.

As a vendor, there are several ways for you to benefit from exposure on Data Science Central. Our ability to attract highly focused professionals provides advertisers and vendors with compelling opportunities to communicate and transact with their specific target audiences.

Data Science Central works with vendors and advertisers to create campaigns aimed at maximizing ROI on your marketing investments. These opportunities allow vendors to generate leads and visibility within this highly targeted market segment.

Webcasts: Sponsors receive leads from thousands of members who tune in each month to learn from industry experts and peers, ask questions and keep up to date on the latest technologies.

E-Newsletters: Vendors, deliver your marketing message within highly relevant and topical editorial content.

White Papers: Post your technical/business white paper and receive contact information for every IT pro who downloads your paper.

List Rentals: Choose from more than 97 high-tech interests, 25 job titles, IT budgets and company size to reach your target audience. (E-mail and postal lists available.)

Banners and Links: Increase brand awareness through paid online advertising on our network of industry-specific Technology Web sites.

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Pam Barros, Director of Sales

William Henry, SVP of Global Acquisition Sales