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Visualizations play an increasingly prominent role in the realm of AI. Past a certain point, information simply cannot be conceptualized by staring at words or numbers, you need a picture. Articles in this category focus on visualization at all levels, from analytics to 3D rendering, dashboards to user experience, deep fakes to media blockbusters.

Show #10 DSC

Orange County Department of Education has the AI juice

  • Dan Wilson 

Explore how AI is revolutionizing education in Episode 10 of the AI Think Tank Podcast. Join host Dan Wilson with guests Wes Kreisel and Kunal Dalal from Orange County Department of Education as they discuss AI’s transformative impact, overcoming challenges, and fostering student leadership. Special guest Qasir Rafiq shares his mission to educate one million students globally with advanced AI skills. Discover innovative strategies, success stories, and the importance of global collaboration in shaping the future of education.

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