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Data Lifecycle Management

Data Lifecycle Management focuses on data governance, data cleansing and quality, and data stewardship. The rubric applies to articles that focus primarily on the high-level preparation, flow, and use of data through an organization, rather than with one single facet such as storage or analysis.

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Cloud Computing Services, Features and Benefits

  • Dinesh B 

Cloud computing services have grown in popularity significantly over the years. Many sectors are moving to cloud computing services for business operations. Cloud computing enables businesses to store, manage, and process essential data using remote servers hosted on the internet.

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Want Greater Business Efficiency? Map Your Smart Data Transformation Journey

  • Jodi Daniels 

Companies need to collect huge volumes of data produced to extract valuable insights via data analysis to survive, let alone thrive in the competitive marketplace. It is the lifeblood of most business decisions, functions, and processes. But the process of data collection can be highly challenging for many organizations.


What is trustable data? Why do you need it?

  • Edwin Walker 

Trustable data can be defined as data that comes from specific and trusted sources and is used according to its intended use. It is delivered in the appropriate format and time frames for specific users.

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