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9 Ways IT Can Do Proactive Cybersecurity

  • Anas Baig 

By taking a proactive approach to cybersecurity, IT departments can help protect their organizations from the ever-growing number of cyber attacks. Here are nine ways IT departments can do proactive cybersecurity.

Machine Automation on a par with Human Labor

DSC Weekly 20 Sept 2022 – Where Have All The Workers Gone?

  • Kurt Cagle 

n many respects, we are facing not the need for a new form of money but rather a new form of economics – a discipline about the world where scarcity still holds in physical materials but where overabundance is the rule in virtual ones. To me, this is one of the key tenets that need to be hammered out in the metaverse: How do the actual creators of the virtual worlds, and not just the hosts, get paid for their work?

Transocean Rig

Platform Technical Management – Data Engineering View

  • Soumen Sarkar 

A data platform is an integrated set of technologies that collectively meet an organization’s end-to-end data needs. It enables the acquisition, storage, preparation, delivery, and governance of your data, as well as a security layer for users and applications.

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Agility and the Third Derivative

Business agility is nearly universally acknowledged to be a prime goal for companies looking to make themselves sustainable in the VUCA world in which we currently operate.  Achieving it requires a journey of transformation and continual evolution. 

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How CPRA Will Change the Face of US Businesses

  • Anas Baig 

The problem of data violation is one of the most threatening issues of being on the internet. The ambiguity regarding the collection, usage, and sharing of our personal and sensitive information adds to the insecurity experienced by most consumers.

Wireframe rendering of turbojet engine and mirrored physical bod

Digital Twins as Building Blocks of the Metaverse

  • ajitjaokar 

The quintessential example of a digital twin is the wind turbine. A digital twin is a real-time virtual representation of a real-world physical system or process that serves as its digital counterpart of it. Like all models or abstractions, a twin is created for practical purposes i.e. we wish to model a physical system of a phenomenon to understand it better.

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