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Logistics and Supply Chain AI

The Logistics and Supply Chain AI rubric examines the impact of artificial intelligence, machine learning and knowledge graphs on the challenging task of ensuring that data is where it is when it needs to be there.

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Automation of Ports – Global Supply Chains

  • Osama Rizvi 

International trade grew to a record $28.5 trillion in 2021, according to an estimate by UNCTAD – a 25 percent increase from 2020. Recently, Covid-19 Stop-and-Go maneuvers have highlighted the difficulties that modern ports face. It includes handling an overwhelming amount of goods, their corresponding paperwork, and other administrative tasks, congestion, delays, no coordination between terminal operators, and most importantly, the dependency on manpower. In addition to these, environmental issues have taken the front seat.

Professional male mover in overalls makes notes on clipboard while standing near cardboard boxes.

How Automation is Changing Freight Bill of Lading Data Entry

  • Manoj Kumar 

For those not involved in shipping, freight billing is the process of providing an invoice that includes information concerning the transportation of a company’s goods from one place to the other. It also contains the number of charges, due dates, weight, complete goods description, and contact information, as well as names of both the receiver and the shipper, freight rates, assessorial charges, etc. These are tedious and error prone tasks. Hence, a need of automation in freight bills is required

Truck driver find their location on  digital map.

How Technology Aims to Revolutionize Trucking

  • Osama Rizvi 

If you look around your room, chances are that most of the things there travelled at some stage in a truck. Trucks are responsible for moving around 70 percent in the U.S. and it employs 7 million people, fifty percent of which are drivers. While technology has been improving lives in every field but the jobs of truck drivers still remain very tough. According to one estimate, some truckers walk about 3000 miles every week. However, like everything else, technology is set to alter the future of this industry. I will try to explain briefly how.

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