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The Sector Topics rubric focuses on topics that are associated with specific industry or societal sectors.


Will AI Replace Doctors?

  • DineshBhol 

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionize any piece of work that can be operated via binary commands and has a finite set of possibilities. The concept of AI is currently being harnessed furiously, and the forever flourishing field of health care is leveraging it to attain greater good for humanity. Now, artificial intelligence is touching almost every field of concern, such as business, translation, advertising, photography, and many more.

EN 220201 Agent IRIS – In-Platform Agent-Based Simulation of a Connected Factory Cluster banner

Agent IRIS*

In this paper we prototype and explore how multiple agent-based models of robotic factories connected to other robotic factories (represented by their respective models) can be orchestrated using an all-purpose data platform – thereby simulating descriptive and predictive properties of a group of factories (a factory cluster). For the underlying prototype, NetLogo suite was used to do factory agent-based simulation (re-using “Robotic Factory” model [1]) while InterSystems IRIS data platform was used for NetLogo orchestration and factory/cluster end-to-end simulation.

Little red riding hood  in the dark forest

4 Ways AI is Shaping the Future of Interactive Games

  • Evan Morris 

Gaming has moved from a niche sector to the mainstream. Games have become a part of everyday lexicon like never before, and the technological progress evident within game UIs has played a role. The gaming landscape is highly diverse.

Builder with a digital tablet controls a remote-controlled unman

IoT is changing the Construction Industry

  • DineshBhol 

Construction companies are increasingly adopting IoT technology to successfully address common workplace challenges and streamline operations to benefit from enhanced efficiency and improved responsiveness to the increasing demands of the industry. Flat productivity, reduced margins, more schedule overruns, and increased competition are some of the obvious challenges construction companies are considering implementing IoT technology and digitalization. IoT in construction offers benefits such as better productivity, maintenance, security, and safety. Moreover, many prominent companies are producing and launching new IoT solutions for the construction industry, which is expected to propel the global market further.

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