Data Science Central offers a data science certification to active practitioners. We have now extented the circle of colleges, organizations and companies that meet our standards for automated qualification. If you belong to one of the organizations listed below, you can join our data science certification group, and you will automatically be accepted.

We are now at 200 certified data scientists: click here to view their profiles. Certification requires 2 years of experience, and a quantitative college degree. Acceptance is based on your bio. We check your LinkedIn profile when your Data Science Central profile does not provide enough information. If your profile has very little information and we can't find / identify you on LinkedIn or on other professional networks, it is impossible for us to know if you meet our standards. In this case, you are not accepted or rejected: your status is pending.

Reviews are performed by Dr. Vincent Granville, a leading data scientist with 25 years of experience across multiple industries and disciplines (data engineering, statistics, computer science, data science, business analytics, architecture etc.)

Click here to check if you are a data scientist. There are different categories of data scientists, and maybe you are one of them, without knowing it.

Data Science Certification

DSC members with a college degree, who display the following certifications in their profile will automatically qualify for our data science certification:

  • Chartered Statistician - American Statistical Association
  • Chartered Statistician - Royal Statistical Society
  • Certified Analytic Professional - INFORMS
  • Certified Web Analyst - Digital Analytics Association
  • IEEE Computer Science Society - Member
  • Society of Actuaries - After successful completion of exams

People currently working as a data scientist for one of the following companies, are automatically accepted:

  • Amazon - eBay - Facebook - FICO - Google - Intel - LinkedIn - Pivotal - Microsoft - SAS - Tableau - Teradata - Twitter

Members with a quantitave college degree obtained after 2010, from one of the following universities, are automatically accepted:

  • Stanford University, Palo Alto
  • Columbia University, New York

We plan on adding more passerelles, accepting practitioners certified from selected industry programs (including our own data science apprenticeship), as well as graduates with college degrees strongly related to data science - where students must complete a number of projects involving real life data, both small and large. Data scientists working for selected companies will also be accepted. As a business or organization, to partner with us in our passerrelle initiative and allow your students or employees to be automatically qualified, contact us at [email protected]: we will check if your company, university, certification, or program meets our standards, and get back to you. 

Finally, we spend time verifying profile information in detail, for each candidate. Since our certification is free, we have no incentive in accepting candidates that do not meet our high standards. Looking at the profiles of our current certified data scientists can help you decide if this certification is good for you. To apply, join our data science certification group.

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Hello Professor Granville,

How can I get a copy of the certification document?

Thanks and best regards.

Hello, Professor and friend Grandville. I hope you are very well. I'd like to add my certificate to LinkedIn. How could I do it?

I created this badge. Maybe we can use it on LinkedIn etc.


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