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Too many variables for a simple linear computation - Can someone help me?

Hi everyone, 

I am new here & more of an automation expert than a data expert but from time to time I need to do some data analysis and usually get by pretty well. Unfortunately for me I can't figure out how to extract the most value from my data set. Here it goes: 

I have a constantly updating database of items published along with a snapshot of the data every 30 minutes. Basically every 30 minutes I get an update with a serial number for the publication, the time published (one time per serial, of course) the current time & the clicks/views for the period. 

I am trying to maximize clicks or views and need to figure out the best way to work with this data keeping in mind that both the time published & the current time affects the clicks/views and there is a major decay after the first hour or two. 

I also need to figure out how to get this as a visual that constantly updates because as competition comes and goes it will have a hit on my stats. 

Would really appreciate any advice 

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I checked your data. Its a classic trend analysis case. The best way to view the data could be in a line graph for a particular serial number and check for the clicks for a period. 

I saw a trend in your data during the day and the night time. This will help you optimize your publish times and maximise your clicks and views.



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