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I am  a business analyst but I am interested  in data science. I have done Bachelor in Accounting. I have certificate programming in C, C++ and some theortical knowledge of SQL.

Can anyone suggest self training methods, books to buy. 

Appreciate your assistance

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Hi John, The first question to answer is 'what kinds of problems to I want to work on? 'Secondly, I suggest that you ask yourself, 'do I want to be highly quantitative and computational, or would I rather be more of a semi-technical MBA-like analyst.' For your book question, I'm a big fan of the O'Reilly collection. Maybe a first book to read would be Doing Data Science. From there, you could start with a few books on Baysian Stats, Python for Data Science, Machine Learning, and then Social Network Analysis. Again, I like the O'Reilly series because they're accessible, affordable, and hands-on. IMHO

Alternatively, you could consider taking on a master's degree in data science. For example, we have one here at The City University of New York (, there are other options such as the program at NCSU ( or Berkeley (  All great options depending on your interests, budget, and schedule. There are a bunch of choices out there. Look around.

Hope this is helpful, Paul Russo, Ph.D.

Hi Paul

Thank you very much for the guidance, This is helpful.

John Parker



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