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DSC Weekly Digest 30 November 2021: Season's Greetings

  • Kurt Cagle 
The harvest festival goes back millennia, almost to the dawn of agriculture itself. It is held after the barley and corn and rice have been brought in from the fields, after livestock have been prepared and bread has been baked. The harvest festival was a reward and a promise that the bounties of the feast justified the hard work in getting to it.

There are cycles in software development, cycles that tend to spread into the data science space as well. People work diligently through the Autumn months, but come the first of December, people slow down, just a bit.  No one releases a product in December. There are fewer trade shows, fewer press releases. 

Those who go into an office ordinarily take the last couple of weeks off. Those who work from home leave the back bedroom light off, or perhaps spend some time video gaming with the kids or working on that novel, or perhaps even trying to solve one of those mystery problems that you want to code, not because it’s part of your work.

In other words, December is you time. It’s the greatest gift you can give to yourself.

Kurt Cagle
Community Editor,
Data Science Central

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