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Data Management as a Business Discipline – Part 2: Theorems and Principles

  • Bill Schmarzo 

In the blog “Why Data Management is Today’s Most Important Business Discipline”, I challenged the business and IT communities to reframe the data management conversation; to transform data management from an IT practice into a business discipline focused on leveraging data (and analytics) to deliver business and operational outcomes.

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How to Win an Election Using Big Data

  • Bill Schmarzo 

Before World War II, less than 20% of voters classified themselves as independents.  Today that number is greater than 45%.As politics fails to appeal to more Americans, politicians will need to embrace a different approach to appeal to those important independent “swing” voters who will decide our political leaders.


Data Science Lessons from Top Gun

  • Bill Schmarzo 

The movie of the summer of 2022 is no doubt “Top Gun: Maverick.”  Fast moving, tons of aerial combat, lots of excitement, and the youngest-looking Tom Cruise I’ve ever seen (not one stitch of grey hair on his head).  There’s gotta be a Data Science lesson in there somewhere…


We Live in a Bayesian World – Part 2

  • Bill Schmarzo 

Those darn humans have a few learning impediments that impact our ability to effectively learn from integrating a historical perspective with new evidence or data. Let’s explore some impediments that hinder our ability to learn more effectively.

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Data Economic Force Multiplier

  • Bill Schmarzo 

In complex systems, not all parts or components are of equal value. Some parts or components can have an oversized influence on the overall system’s performance to achieve specific outcomes. These parts or components are known as force multipliers

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