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20 Data Science and Mathematical Challenges

I invite you to solve these challenges yourself before reading the solutions (for some of these problems) or hints to help you tackle these problems.

  1. Interesting Recursive Formula
  2. Identifying patterns in complex time series
  3. Predicting records (highs or lows)
  4. Mathematical paradox, $500,000 award
  5. Detecting multiple periodicity in time series
  6. Survival analysis
  7. Finding similar images and graphs
  8. Interesting quantities associated with Mark…
  9. Square root of two
  10. Modeling and explaining the law of series
  11. Time Series and Spatial Processes
  12. Zipf’s Law
  13. High-Quality, Non-Periodic Random Number Ge…
  14. Piecewise linear clustering versus SVM
  15. Continued fractions for predictive modeling
  16. Breast Cancer
  17. Data Compression
  18. How many correlations are spurious?
  19. About the intricate structure of correlatio…
  20. Measuring distance between two points (not …


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