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First, let's mention our Data Science search box, easy to embed in any blog, and ad-free. Click here to see the benefits of adding this search box to provide added value to your visitors. Search results are very relevant, based on more than 10,000 articles from selected blogs, covering machine learning, R, data science, statistics and related topics. 

Regarding RSS feeds, we currently offer the following RSS feeds for your blog. The most pupular one is Data Science Central - Featured Blog Posts, see below. They are free to use on any website:

Starred feeds are open, in the sense that anyone can contribute and post an article, subject to moderation. Only high quality, relevant, non-commercial, original articles (after manual approval and/or curation) eventually make it to these feeds, creating rich, diversified, high quality content for your web page. If you would like to become a guest blogger (and have some of your articles appear in these feeds), please contact us at [email protected] Also, click here to see how you can post events, books, conference, training etc.

Here's an example (screen shot) featuring three of our feeds (Data Science Central - Featured Blog Posts, Analytic Jobs, and Big Data News - Press Releases), integrated to BigDataNews.com:

The display can be customized (number of articles to show, whether you want to include the first sentence or paragraph of each article, or not).

If you do not have a modern platform (WordPress, TypedPad etc.) to add our RSS feeds, you can use the following cave-man approach.


Contact us at [email protected] if you are interested in swapping big data, analytics or data science RSS feeds, or syndicating content. Your syndicated feeds are integrated in our Twitter account (@analyticbridge) reaching out to more than 20,000 followers.

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