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What Skills to Look for When Hiring a Python Developer

9656457279User experience is the core of IT. No matter if you are building software, a website, or an app, its UX heavily impacts the user experience and thus customer retention. Offering a marvelous user experience is not an easy job. You need to choose the right language and hire the best developers.

Python is one of the most demanding languages of 2021. Hence, if you are planning to develop or upgrade an app or website, you need to hire the best Python app developer for that.

As the demand for Python is on the rise, the number of candidates involved in learning the language is also increasing. Many of them target countless interviews to get the job. Therefore, you need to be aware of their skills from top to bottom properly. This is extremely crucial because Python has countless applications, and every candidate is not proficient in all the fields.

For instance, Python is used for both web development and AI. If you are not aware of the candidate€™s skills discreetly, you may end up hiring the wrong one. Therefore, a proper understanding of a candidate’s skills is critical.

Let€™s dive into this article and analyze all the crucial skills that a Python developer should have!

Top Must-Have skills of a Python Developer


Basic Python Concepts

A building is nothing without a strong foundation. Similarly, no matter how professional a developer is in a dedicated Python field if they are not well-versed with the basic or core concepts of Python, they might not be good for you. Therefore, whenever you hire a Python developer, ensure that they know the basic concepts of the language.

Ask them about concepts like data types, data structures, script files, file handling, exception handling, etc. If they answer the questions to these concepts easily, then you may have found your Python app developer. The knowledge of core concepts is important because they allow the developers to work efficiently.

Knowledge of Frameworks

If you go on writing code by yourself in Python, it may take a lot of time to build what you want. This is where the framework comes in. Python offers you a plethora of frameworks that not only help the developers build world-class apps and websites but also save a lot of time. Hence, when you hire a Python coder, ensure that they are aware of all the necessary frameworks and proficient in using them.

To make sure you hire the perfect candidate, ask them about frameworks used for development such as Django, CherryPy, Pyramid, and others. Probe them about the types of frameworks that Python has. In short, ask away everything that you need to. The knowledge of frameworks helps in saving a lot of development time, and if you get a candidate that does, it will be a cherry on the cake for you.

Python Libraries

Every language has different sets of libraries. Not only does it help the developers, but it also reduces their effort. Libraries in Python are well-documented and can be used anywhere with ease. If we talk about web development, frameworks have the upper hand. On the other hand, data science libraries play an indispensable role.

Hence, if you want to hire Python experts, make sure that they are aware of all the available libraries and proficient in using them in development! Ask your candidates about NumPy, Matplotlib, Pandas, Scikit, etc. The knowledge of these libraries will boost their efficiency by leaps and bounds.

Moreover, it will help you develop complex AI and data analysis solutions.

Knowledge of Machine Learning and AI

Machine learning (ML) is something that is in high demand these days. In fact, the market of AI and machine learning is also surging. And due to all this, Python can be used to build various AI applications. Therefore, it is critical for you to check if the candidate is aware of all these concepts and their usage.

In order to be sure you hire the right candidate for your project, ask them about ML and AI. You may ask questions about the history of machines or if they knew a robot€™s personality as a kid. The answers to all these important questions matter a lot because it helps you understand their passion for machine learning and if they are aware of how it works! This knowledge will help them better utilize Python€™s features which will work wonders for your development process!

One great benefit that you may get from hiring a good developer is versatility. If your developer knows about ML and AI, they can also help you in data analysis, interpretation and use. It will act as an add-on benefit for you as you can analyze the status of your website or app and the user behavior.

Object Relational Mapper

One of the most important questions to ask is if they know about an Object Relational Mapper. An ORM helps in mapping objects with relational database management systems. It just creates a virtual database that can be used in Python or any other language. Moreover, ORMs allow you to switch to another relational database whenever required.

If you hire someone who has this skill, it will be highly beneficial to you as they won€™t need to write code again and again for different tables! Instead, they can focus on other tasks that might help save your time and money. So, whenever you hire a python web development company make sure to check if they know about an Object Relational Mapper! It can help save a lot of development effort and cost!

Front-end Technologies

It is pretty obvious why you need to look for the knowledge of front-end technologies in a candidate for Python. Well, firstly, you need to be sure if the developer is aware of all the basics. Other than that, it will help the developer in testing the website or app.

Knowledge of front-end technologies like CSS, HTML, etc., will ensure that the client-side matches with the server-side. Moreover, if you hire a Python coder who knows all of these, it will be easy for you to save both time, effort, and money.

Therefore, ask the candidate questions about the use of these front-end technologies for the ideal fit.

Final Words

There is no doubt in the saying that Python is growing. Since its inception, it has seen massive adoption that even the tech giants like Google use it. Hence, to survive the cut-throat competition of today, it is necessary for you to turn towards Python development. And to get what you need, you have to hire Python experts. Keep all the above-mentioned aspects in mind to shortlist the best developer for your team.


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