Anyone knows how to integrate data science with material science?

Hey guys,
I have a masters in materials science and engineering and recently found an interest in data science. Could anyone guide me on how I can use my masters degree to have a career in data science.

Thank you

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It is your experience that you should leverage. If you used and analyzed data with tools such as Matlab to help boost ROI for the companies you worked for, you should have no problem finding a new job as data scientist. Many data scientists in Fintech are former physicists. You may have to learn programming languages such as R or Python if you don't know them already, but that is easy to learn. Some online classes from good universities can help you too (see here). If you are a self-learner, read this article. You can also learn the skills on the job, see here

Posting quality code on Github, or case studies you have solved, will go a long way towards securing a job. 


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