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Using ORMs to Promote Positive Reviews

  • Karen Anthony 
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Do you have a small business, or have you started a new business venture? Are people talking about it? If you stand clueless about this, then you are doing something wrong. Regardless of all the giant marketing and advertising expenses, you are putting in, if people are not aware of your brand, then there is no sound output of all your initiatives. Having said that, you must buckle up and act if you have landed in a negative review. People tend to first look at a negative review and form a lopsided opinion about the brand. This is why Online Reputation Management (ORM) is taking off.

Review management deserves attention

Every brand wants to have the best reviews on its website or Google! But that is a Utopian situation. Usually, most brands have mixed reviews, which is fine until the good reviews are visible from the negative ones. Once that happens, you must be alert and ensure that your positive reviews are back. For this, you can ask your new customers to share a review and have it published. At times employee incentives for asking for a review will go a long way in getting one. And if you need to learn how to go about it, you can check out the reviews management option from Local Viking.

The significance of a positive review

Often brands and small businesses think that all they need to do is enhance their services and products, which is all they need to ensure that the brand does well. It is not true at all. Focusing on customer reviews is essential to determining how your brand is perceived. It provides valuable insights on which you can base your future marketing tactics.

The online reviews are essential because:

It reflects who you are to others

Today, people want to know much more than that you are a brand and exist with other market players. They also want to know how you are catering to your customer’s needs and whether you are addressing the pain points successfully or not. They also want to know how fast you have been able to tap the market and whether you are reachable when the customers want to connect with you. Reviews are a representation of all these facts, and it enables your potential customers to create a reputation for your brand in their mind.

It can increase your brand advocates.

Reviews are the voice of the customer who has made it to your website. Usually, people have a habit of going by what other customers have experienced and shared. That means when your customers are writing favorable facts about you, chances are many others will follow your brand and will develop a certain sense of loyalty towards your brand.

You need to ensure that your share of positive reviews should be more than negative ones. That will ensure you are on top and in a place where you can do good business with others. Overall, it will also enhance your online reputation management.