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Perks of Using IoT in the Hospitality Sector

The Internet of Things is a disruptive technology that serves multiple industries and hospitality sector is availing benefits by adopting smart methods. The hotel businesses have moved a step ahead by implementing the IoT solutions to offer privileges and meeting up to the expectations of their consumers.

In this technological era, hospitality or the hotel sector is working more towards enhanced guest experience and earning customer loyalty rather than just profits. Merging IoT and hotel services together offers a better customer assistance, and is much more than a hands-on experience for the hospitality managers, providing real-time monitoring and enhanced productivity.


IoT Use cases in the hospitality industry

As the hospitality sector is expanding itself through various IoT methods, these are some of the trending use cases.

  • Automated rooms

Implementing IoT solutions with your hotel business cater to the desires of your customers. It offers automated guestrooms with customizable options, which in turn, attract the consumers towards the high-end hotel facilities. For instance, an IoT-enabled guestroom would comprise of thermostats and smart lighting system that is customizable as per the customer requirements. Also, it helps provide the hotels with the advantage of facilitating their potential customers with satisfaction and a memorable stay.

  • Electronic keys (e-cards)

The hospitality sector has levelled up by introducing e-cards as keys to unlock the check-in doors. These e-cards are the consumer’s smartphones, which are now frequently used as a prime source to sign up and login into the hotels. These cards also help the consumers in keeping their essentials secured, and can even help them in pre-booking their tables at the restaurants.

  • Predictive maintenance

Anticipating the guest requirements is the best form of service you can provide them. In other words, designing IoT-enabled hotel rooms and hospitality areas provide enhanced consumer experiences. For example,

                Occupancy sensors: notify about the rooms that require housekeeping

                Sensor-based luggage carts: track the exact position of the cart in real-time

Sensor-based room service assets: monitor the time when the trolly need to be picked up from the room

  • IoT-based voice assistants

The IoT-enabled voice assistants provide an adaptive environment and a personalized zone where your customers can feel connected. This kind of assistance creates absolute transparency and helps the hotel staff to pre-record the do’s and don’ts or any other instructions that are required to be given at the time of check-in. These devices follow a protocol through voice recognition and provide the staff and consumers with ease of management.

Researches show that more than 50% of the hospitality executives hold active IoT projects. All these projects are said to focus to impose either improved operability or modernize their brands and capabilities. Moreover, these executives indicated that the projects seek improvement in customer experiences, enhanced security, and asset management.

How the Hospitality sector is building trust with IoT?

  • By predicting consumer requirements and offering them with preferred services
  • By providing energy consumption and staying environmental-friendly
  • By synchronizing with the existing devices and not forcing to buy new ones
  • By providing real-time control over every asset and enhancing security

It is the Internet of Things, which promotes automation in every industrial corner. The hospitality businesses are evolving through security concerns, and are striving to offer customer satisfaction. It is one of the biggest technological approaches to connect humans with the Internet of Things. In the hospitality business, leisure is the primary force and meeting up to customer expectations is directly proportional to customer loyalty. An approach towards importing your business on an IoT platform proves beneficial because

  • It renders hyper-personalization
  • It offers real-time solutions to the guest queries
  • It saves time and energy of both, the customer and the hotel authorities
  • It connects comfort and feasibility for your customers

Lastly, the hotel industry is the base for every human’s enjoyment and redirecting your business approach to fulfil the customer wants, automatically brings business profit. Taking care of small things can fetch you, loyal customers. Do not think about the large budget or time-consumption or maintenance, for IoT is the emerging platform that caters to every requirement. IoT in hospitality has broken the ceiling through transformation and is serving the hotel businesses with automation, efficiency, and proper management.