This update was posted on June 8, 2015. Due to the large demand, we have simplified our process. You can now pick up a project from our data science project list, get the associated data (available for free from the project description), work on it, and submit a solution to [email protected] when done. Priority in reviewing submissions will be given to applicants meeting the requirements: 4-year college degree and two years of business experience in a quantitative field. After submission, expect to receive questions from us. Your completed project and answers, after revision, will be featured on our network

We want to emphasize the fact that our apprenticeship is a good option only for self-learners. It is free, online and on on-demand, but it comes with very limited support, though you can get support from other participants. If you prefer a learning environment with teachers who guide you, and interact with you on a regular basis, check out our list of data science programs. Disclaimer: the programs featured at the top are Data Science Central sponsors, but we carefully select our sponsors, and they really deliver great value.

Having said that, we offer the self-learner everything she needs to become a data scientist:

You should also read 4 steps to becoming a data scientist, suggesting unusual but potentially lucrative career paths. Finally, we highly recommend that you read the articles listed in the Additional Reading section below.

DSC Resources

Additional Reading

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Dear Dr. Granville,

I have emailed my application to this program to you. Please accept the same.


Harshad Borkar

email - [email protected]


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