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DSC Webinar Series: How to Scale NiFi Deployments to Enable Universal Data Distribution

  • Ben Cole 

As businesses struggle with more data sources and destinations than ever, they strive to bring governance, security, and efficiency to their data ops. To address these concerns, many companies adopted open-source Apache NiFi as a versatile tool for their data distribution needs. While NiFi accelerates the speed at which developers can build new pipelines, managing open source software introduces operational and administrative complexities that make scaling these innovation projects difficult. That’s where Cloudera DataFlow comes in. DataFlow helps data ops teams focus on data, not software administration, so they can iterate quickly to achieve Universal Data Distribution scale.

Join us to learn:
● Why Cloudera DataFlow is the natural evolution of NiFi
● How a large health insurance provider made the switch from open source NiFi to Cloudera DataFlow in the cloud and experienced a 50% reduction in cloud utilization costs
● How a retail insights-as-a-service organization made the switch from NiFi to Cloudera on prem to more quickly deliver timely insights from disparate data sources
● The potential hidden costs and risks that come with a sub-optimal NiFi deployment configuration
● What administrative and operational complexities hinder Apache NiFi scaling efforts
● What universal data distribution (UDD) means and how to build and manage a UDD architecture that supports scalability, observability, and security