Here are six important updates:

  • Our book will be on the market by April 7. Check the updated table of contents (PDF document) and download the additional material not published in the book.
  • We have added new tutorials, projects and data sets: check the starred items here.
  • Successful candidates will automatically become certified data scientists.
  • There is now one project (involving creating and working on simulated data) that you can work on to complete our program: click here for details. More projects will be considered later, but right now, we only have one reviewer (Dr. Granville) to grade submitted contributions. The good thing is that the apprenticeship is still free for now - even better, you can earn $1,000 by completing this project.
  • We will soon add a test that applicants will have to complete, as part of the apprenticeship. Many of the questions have answers in our book. Different questions will be sent to each candidates, via e-mail.
  • Also, we are making progress on writing our data science cheat sheet. A preliminary version can be found here, but it will be much more comprehensive and useful when completed, within the next 30 days.

Data Science Apprenticeship

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Vincent, Got my Calendar marked and eagerly awaiting the book. Will purchase right when it hits Amazon.

Thanks so much for your work here...can't wait to get started.



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