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Convert customer data into an actionable marketing strategy

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Most companies have plenty of data on their customers, but few are able to successfully translate it into profitable strategies. In Customer Analytics for Growth Using Machine Learning, AI, and Big Data you will learn from Wharton’s expert marketing faculty whose research informs today’s — and tomorrow’s — business analytics.

Customer Analytics for Growth will help you make better business decisions around your existing data. You will discover new methods for analysis, such as artificial intelligence; explore the upside — and the downside — of complex data models; and understand the importance of transparency in data collection and analysis. If you are looking for growth, and need to bridge the knowledge gap that currently exists between your data science and marketing teams and the C-suite, you need to attend this program in 2020.

Through this program, you will learn how to:
  • Select the right tools for predicting future customer behavior
  • Understand the latest artificial intelligence applications, including their pros and cons
  • Apply best practices from companies that are using business analytics most effectively
  • Recruit and manage data-science teams
Video: Academic Director Raghuram Iyengar on Customer Analytics
Watch the Video: Academic Director Raghuram Iyengar says Customer Analytics for Growth will help participants make sense of their customer data and strengthen their decision making.
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