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[Webinar] Discover the Next Generation Data Science IDE

In this live webinar from Team Anaconda, Travis Oliphant, President, Chief Data Scientist & Co-Founder, creator of NumPy and author of Guide to NumPy: 2nd Edition, will discuss the impact that the notebook experience has had on data science, and how JupyterLab—the next generation data science IDE—has evolved from the classic notebooks.

As notebooks grew in popularity, the data science community asked for more features to enable notebooks to play a more central role in data science projects. With this in mind, members of the community joined forces to create JupyterLab, an open source project that takes classic notebooks to the next level. The new platform adapts easily to multiple workflows, enabling data scientists to seamlessly move between notebooks, scripts, data, and applications. And this is just the beginning.

In this webinar, Travis and Product Marketing Manager Gus Cavanaugh will cover:

  • The history of notebook environments
  • How JupyterLab differs from the classic notebooks
  • Why JupyterLab will be the default experience for Anaconda Enterprise
  • A tour of key functionalities of JupyterLab
  • Examples of data science projects developed using JupyterLab


Team Anaconda

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