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Webinar: Improve Your CLASSIFICATION with CART and Random Forests

(live 3/29, & on-demand)

In this 55-minute webinar we'll introduce you to two tree-based machine learning algorithms, CART decision trees and Random Forests. Both of these methods can be used for either regression or classification (i.e. Y = “Application Denied” or “Application Accepted”) and we will focus on classification in this presentation.

We will discuss the advantages of tree-based techniques including their ability to automatically handle variable selection, variable interactions, nonlinear relationships, outliers, and missing values. We'll explore the CART algorithm, bootstrap sampling, and the Random Forest algorithm (all with animations) and compare their predictive performance using a real world dataset.

Speaker: Charles Harrison, Marketing Statistician -- Salford Systems 

Date: Live Wednesday, March 29, 2017 and On-Demand

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