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Feel the Data Science Love at AnacondaCON 2018

Want to attend AnacondaCON 2018—taking place in Austin on April 9-11—but can’t make it to all three days? Don't worry, we've got you covered: we're now offering single-day tickets!

With a single-day ticket, you’ll have access to ONE action-packed conference day of your choice AND the pre-conference tutorials on Sunday, April 8! Check out some daily highlights below:

Monday, April 9

Start your day with an opening keynote from Anaconda Co-Founder Peter Wang on the practice of data science, and how it relates to IT, data management, and business analytics. Then explore a framework for designing machine learning models that get better over time, delve into the art of deep learning, get the scoop on enterprise package governance, and hear a real-world case study on using data science for social justice work.

Tuesday, April 10

Need a crash course in machine learning? Want to learn how to build interactive dashboards visualizing billions of data points in just 30 lines of Python? How about GPU-accelerating UDFs in PySpark using open source technologies like Numba and PyGDF? Get all this and more, including best practices on building a team that leverages data science and machine learning to power innovation within your organization.

Wednesday, April 11

Dive deep into scalable machine learning with Dask. Master the art of approaching causal inference in large, messy data sets. Walk through the implementation of continuous integration by leaning on open source technologies. And finish up your day with an inspiring closing keynote on the the new science of motivation and learning.

We encourage you to take a look at the full agenda to determine which day suits you best. Register now and we’ll see you soon!

For additional information about the conference, visit, or contact us at [email protected]


Team Anaconda

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