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Feel the Data Science Love at AnacondaCON 2018

Have you secured your spot at AnacondaCON 2018? In addition to dozens of sessions on the latest in data science, machine learning, and AI, you’ll learn how data scientists are using GPUs for machine learning across a variety of applications and industries. The best part? One lucky AnacondaCon 2018 attendee will receive a NVIDIA TITAN V GPU!

Taking place in Austin on April 8-11, the conference will feature these GPU-focused tutorials and talks:

Practical Data Science and ML with GPUs

Let Stan Seibert of Anaconda teach you tips and tricks for leveraging Anaconda to accelerate deep learning with GPUs using Keras and TensorFlow. Tutorial, April 8, 12:30PM

Deep Fashion: Building a REST API to Detect Clothing Styles

Watch Paige Bailey of Microsoft use image recognition to take an existing deep learning model and adapt it to a specialized domain—guessing the style of an article of clothing! Whether you lean preppy, sporty, or rock ‘n’ roll, by the end of this talk, your model will know how to select the perfect outfit for any occasion. Talk, April 10, 2:00PM

GPU-Accelerating UDFs in PySpark with Numba and PyGDF

Hear Mike Wendt, Joshua Patterson, and Keith Kraus of NVIDIA share how they were able to GPU-accelerate UDFs in PySpark using open source technologies such as Numba and PyGDF. Talk, April 10, 11:00AM

Register now for your chance to win a NVIDIA TITAN V GPU!

For additional information about the conference, visit, or contact us at [email protected]


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