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Sisense is disrupting the BI market with a radically new approach to data processing.

This new approach, termed ‘dynamic data mapping’ by Sisense, allows you to interact with your source data in a visual way. The visualizations are made up of computer-aided clustering to map and understand your source data types, sizes, and connections. Then you can zoom in on a single data source to get a deeper understanding or zoom out to understand the holistic data landscape.

And to get to your insights even faster, Sisense processes data with In-Chip® technology that is 10 times faster than in-memory, handling terabytes of data and dozens of concurrent queries. This gives you extraordinary performance and makes it easy for non-techies to join data from multiple sources, build interactive dashboards and business intelligence reports, and share it all in one click.

Want to try it on your own data? Within minutes of downloading Sisense, you’ll be able to:

- Connect to any number of structured and unstructured data sources
- Join tables from multiple sources with minimal scripting and coding
- Easily prepare and analyze big or disparate data sets
- Create interactive web dashboards and reports 

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