What is Data Strategy? Does your organization need one?

For the last 10 years I have worked in a number of organizations ranging from the very large and old to the very small and new - this work has always involved leveraging data to create value. In the beginning building databases and reports, thru' data warehouses and business intelligence and most recently combining structured and unstructured data to create useful insights. 

Between the raw data and the insights that are used to create value there is a lot that needs to happen - a supply chain that creates a reliable, clean and granular supply of data to be analyzed and then once the insights have been created to make sure that they reach the decision maker and that they are trusted, acted upon and whatever benefits are realized are quantified. A organization that is mature in its use of data to create value will have a data strategy that will plan for those tasks and make sure the benefits can be correctly attributed.

Is 'Data Strategy' something explicit in your organization? Does anyone have a Chief Data Officer? Where in the organization do they sit and what are their responsibilities? Do they have a P&L?

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Before strategy of in it has to be defined the hierarchy of systems that an organization to deal with. Partly the same topic with the "name" of understanding presented there: http://www.datasciencecentral.com/profiles/blogs/big-data-an-understanding


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