Traffic/commute data and processing related question

Hello All,

I am very very new to big data. I am exploring a commercial solution to traffic/congestion problem. To that effect, I am looking for your tips and suggestions on where I can find the following

1) Raw anonymized/non-personal location tracking data on cell-phone subscribers. This is to understand traffic/commute patters. Ideally this data should be resolvable to a commute starting address and a commute ending address. I think cellular network carriers sell this data. Not sure how to get samples of this. I also understand Census survey contains some of this this data but to the best of my understanding it only has city of residence and city of work so it is somewhat non-specific.

2) Any pointers on tools/algorithms to resolve what would be I suppose GPS coordinate data to shortest distance and shortest time routes that are typically seen in map guidance systems. I am assuming that technology is common enough that there should be standard algorithms/tools for it.

Again, I appreciate any suggestions and pointers in advance.

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