Is there any interest in the group for running R in the browser? Imagine going to a web site and instantly getting your own R console with the click of a button. No installation or configuration to do! 
I'm about to release exactly such a service and I was wondering if folks in this group are interested in trying it out. 
Which packages would you want? 
Which graphing package would you prefer? 
Would you pay for something like this?

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Here's the site. Please give it a whirl!


That's a great idea. RE your questions:

* I'd expect this to have all the main packages as well as some data analysis packages as well as the possibility of parallelization (there are specific packages for that as well).

* The lattice package is a must, as well as the one that allows for interactive plots.

* No, sorry. Unless your SaaS deal adds some significant value to the whole R experience, I see no reason why I wouldn't just have an installation of R on my flash disk with me, in case I need it on another computer (actually even that would be unnecessary since most computers I access have internet access anyway).

It takes forever to load. Is it down or something?

Manoj Sharma said:

Here's the site. Please give it a whirl!


Should be back up now.


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