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Hi All,

Currently, I am pursuing masters in data science from Saint Peters University. I shall graduate in May, 2017. Post graduation, I have two options in my mind. Look up for a job immediately or to pursue a PhD in Data Science. I have a strong desire to research deeper in the field of statistics. However, at the same time, I have other factors to consider like that of clearing my educational loan, OPT regulations, H1 B processing etc. Kindly let me know if it is safe to take a decision of PhD at this point of my career. Also, kindly let me know the funding prospects, future opportunities, good colleges for PhD in Data Science and any other information I need to know.

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Look at the results of the 2015 data science salary survey. According to the authors the estimated contribution of holding a master's degree was not significant enough to make a difference in expected remuneration as opposed to a PhD that is worth $7500 p.a. before you make your final decision.

Don't let the desire for money overshadow you passion for knowledge!

connect me ... [email protected] .. but come with fresh thinking with guts to go against the flow ....

Hi Ravi 

I think you better start your career as Data scientist after 2017 ,work for 2 years and apply for Phd .. US market Data scientists are more in demand for master degree holders 

Theory is different from real world scene ,Come out and explore ..don't stay in comfort zones.If you have more queries fell free to ask 

With Regards




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