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Normalization as an option for coporate database: Your opinion is treasured!

Dear All

Exposing anomalies using programmed algorithms saves time and effort, because, the behavior of the data is quickly investigated and efficient ways of classifying the records are improvised.

This is a project, based on exposing inconsistencies to enhance data consistency, scalability and reliability, with a customized view of clients’ applications at any time or place; Please take approximately 5mins off your precious time to complete the survey ( and input your opinion/advice)  from the embedded link. A collection of these responses, will be taken as a milestone and clue to my next step.  .

Your feedback is highly important and greatly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards


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I'm not sure I can answer your questionnaire correctly without better understanding what you mean by normalization.  My understanding of the term is fairly formal:

I wonder if that's what you mean in your questionnaire or is this more akin to MDM?


Hi William,

Thanks for your interest in the subject! The questionnaire is based on database normalization which deals with organizing the columns (attributes) and tables (relations) of a relational database to minimize data redundancy. I'm trying to analyze the requirements for a database normalization system with minimal human Interaction. If possible, from your comments and survey responses, It can be developed. Hope this throw some light into your question. Thanks again


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