This is a very cool app, based on data science (text analytics), to search for available domain names. You just enter a keyword - say French - and it returns hundreds of great domains available for purchase, such as FrenchWizard.com or MightyFrench.com.

So, how is it working?

I did some reverse-engineering, to tell you how their algorithm works:

  1. They have a master list of 5,000 popular one-token keywords, such as Big, Wizard, New, Media, 2014, 101, and so on (easy to build, email me if you are interested in getting such a list - I'll share mine with you for free, and even teach you how to build one)
  2. When you search for a keyword (say French), they check for all combinations of ZZZFrench.com and FrenchZZZ.,com, where ZZZ is one of the tokens in their list.
  3. Any web domain that is available will pop up.

They automatically check web domain repositories every week or so (GoDaddy, Whois, NetworkSolutions) to find which domains are available, to update their database of available domains.

How do they make money?

When you click on any available domain, a window pops up,  asking you whether you want to build your new website (with the domain name in question) using WordPress or some other tools. They get money from their partners, for these referrals. 

How to make it better?

Offer users the possibility to search for clusters of available domain, for instance FrenchTutors.com, SpanishTutors.com, GermanTutors.com if they are simultaneously available.

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