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I am looking for a tool (online app if possible) that measures the overlap in the number of users between two websites A and B, a tool that would offers statistics such as

  • Website A had x visitors in the last 30 days
  • Website B had y visitors in the last 30 days
  • There were z visitors during that time period, that visited both A and B

It is even better if the information is more granular, offering for instance a breakdown per country, education level, industry, or job title. I am only interested in the top 50,000 websites in terms of traffic., and offer basic statistics, but not - as far as I know - audience overlap. Any recommendation?

Thank you,


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Hi Vincent,

You are on to a new "Hunt for Red October".....I don't know if this will help but I found this link, try reviewing

this ---  Let me know if this was a path to your


Best Mercedes

Thanks Mercedes. I will check it out.

GM Vincent:

I took that tour of what I sent you.  It was very exciting and I almost venture to say without having a lot

of background on what your ultimate goal is.  This Audience Overlap tool is exciting for a project I need to

complete.  The tool has a lot of bells and whistles and because of your treasure hunt --- you've helped me to discover

a great solution that I need. 

Let's stay in touch and connect to collaborate.  





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