Looking for a search engine useful for professional data scientists

I can barely find anything valuable on Google anymore, it looks like most of search result pages display either stuff for beginners, like high school students, or a few technical very advanced papers full of jargon (research papers from university professors) that are un-understandable and of no help to me, and I guess, to most people.

We have our own data science search engine, but I am looking for external, niche search engines that would be useful when you do a search, for instance, for "distribution of arrival times of records." I have been thinking creating such a search engine myself, but first I am wondering if there is one today. Part of the problem, I guess, is that great articles that everyone can understand, about some advanced data science topics, are no longer available for free on Google due to publishers trying to sell them (I am open to pay to access this content as long as it is not highly theoretical stuff with no business value.) 

At this point, when I need to find some simple English answer about an advanced problem, my solution is to post my question in various fora (Quora, StackEchange, Reddit -- this one is full of trolls though but once in a while you get a great answer -- or just on DSC.)

Do you know a better solution?

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Google Groups for particular communities are helpful, but, yeah the StackExchange ecosystem is turning out to be the best resource.

Google has a dataset search engine:



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