How to predict business loss of Covid-19 situation in different markets?

Hi Team,

I am trying to think of the good methods that can help me in forecasting or predicting business loss due to Corrona virus in different markets. I work for a retail product company that operates globally.

i need to do it for APAC market. Any suggestions from experts here? What should i do?

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Hi, unfortunately most of the predictions here are negative. So only those didn't lose money, who concentrated on online work on their websites. So I would try to build a website on Wordpress and configure it so that is is crawled by search engines easier. This CMS is a kind of famous for leaving extra difficult code to get through. You can go and read some articles about how to help you with promotion, too. I know what I am talking about, I had waited for five yeaars before my website was noticed by Google.


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