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Dear DSC/AB member,

Due to recent changes in Gmail delivery, you may not be receiving important messages from Data Science Central / AnalyticBridge.

If you can please check your Gmail Spam folder this will help correct the issue. You can do this from within the Gmail, Webmail. You will find the Spam folder by selecting the "Personal" Tab then "More" then "Spam".

If you happen to find any Data Science Central messages, please check the box next to the message and then back at the top of the page, please mark it as "NOT SPAM" than continue.

We apologize for any inconvenience and want to make sure you receive updates without issue.

To change your email address on DSC and AB, first sign in to our Ning Networks. Click the “Settings” link in the upper right corner of the page then and click “Change” next to the Email Address field.

Next, enter your new email address in the first field. Keep in mind that you cannot change your email address to one that’s already been registered on the Ning Network. Confirm your email address … More details at

We will post a related article next week on DSC and/or AB with additional information about Google algorithms, how we performed root-cause analysis, fixed the problem, and the failure of big data that relies on crowd sourcing (in particular, the way that crowd sourcing can be leveraged for dark purposes, kill your competitors etc.)

Our article will explain

  • why (for now) Yahoo may be a better email solution,
  • what some mailing list management companies are doing wrong,
  • how it can be fixed,
  • why we will no longer accept independent, third party recruiters on our network as they are part of the problem (but hiring managers, agencies and hiring companies are welcome to join)
  • and ideas on how to create a new successful mailing list management start-up without VC funding (these companies make tons of money).  

This article will be featured in our next weekly digest. To read our most recent featured blog posts, go to  DataScienceCentral and AnalyticBridge.

Should you have any questions or comments, please contact us directly at: 310-836-4064.

Thank you for your continue membership and support.


Vincent Granville, Ph.D.
Data Science Central / AnalyticBridge

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