To democratize the organizational use of AI especially for those with little data, I have set up a survey to gain insights on the training of Machine Learning models on external data.


But I need your help (if you are training Machine Learning models on external data for organizational use). The survey takes 5 to 10 minutes, is completely anonymous and its outcome will be shared with everyone who participates can benefit from the collaborative effort.

The survey is part of my Master Thesis on Machine Learning for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. I am thankful for everyone willing to invest a little of their time to enable others to have a piece of the Machine Learning pie as well.

Have a great day and thank you for your support

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Thank you so much for the valuable content.

Hi Stuart,

This is interesting - could you share more info on what you're researching? So many companies struggle with this.



This is very interesting content. Thank you for sharing this news and i want to learn more about it please keep sharing the information. Thanks

Thanks for sharing this and it will help me to learn more in machine learning and for your followers can check my Data science course at Learnbay.co may help you to learn and explore.


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