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Hi all, I'd like to get specialized in data science and I like to know  which are exactly the key fields and key technology for each fields. Could anyone with good experience on explain the different of much requested fields in regards to jobs but also in new technology that would be the more useful and requested. 

I've a BS in Computer Science and lot of experience in Software Development. Recently I'm studying on courser Data Science (Statistics and R programming) as I think the base of statistics and R are needed to right manage data but I'd like to know also more of "Big Data" technologies to study and which are the much promising one. 

I've not studied Hadoop but I've experience with no sql DBs  like MongoDB also map reduce query, Elastic Search and Neo4J.  I've also read time ago that Hadoop for example is passed techonlogy as there are more promising one in implementation... 

I know this have not much to do with Data Science  in general as first two are no sql db and the third is a graph db but are good technology in general  to extract data in real time in base of the need...

Could anyone help me in organize and classify the "Data Science" and also "Big Data Technology" detailing key technology and key know how requested and a list of must know of most promising one? 



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