Hi, Everyone -- I wanted to share an opportunity to get something awesome for free.

Our first product, Chartcube for iPad, has been very warmly received. Forbes magazine said it well: "Chartcube puts data analysis in the hands of presenters and presentation in the hands of the analysts"

Our next step is to expand the service to all the devices and platforms you've been requesting: like Web, and iPhone. We're also making it even easier to get data from other sources into Chartcube, through a number of special connectors. These things will become part of a non-free team product in the near future.

But today I'm pleased to offer this community an early-access program to Chartcube for Teams. Through this program you and your team will get all the whistles and bells for free. Not just for a limited time, but always. 

For more info, please visit: http://chartcube.com/for-teams

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