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I am not talking here about high frequency trading, which has been done by automated algorithms long ago, and that humans can not beat (if done well!) But more like, if you allow a robot or a human to do 10 trades a day, and no more, are there human beings who could still beat robotic traders?

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Hi Vincent, I think that a robotic trader(RT) will have a performance similar to that of an average human trader (HT) . At the end of the day RT will face the same degree of randomness as HT does, so its performance will mostly be driven by chance. Financial markets are not predictable for both kind of traders. In terms of sentiments, RT will probably not show HT sentiments (panic, euphoria, greed, fear... Etc) but it will has its own robotic sentiments which are not necessarily better than HT in terms of performance:sometimes it will be profitable to be exposed to human biases and sometimes it will be profitable to be exposed to robotic biases. Sometimes HT will outperform RT and viceversa. Regards.


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