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Logistics and Supply Chain AI

The Logistics and Supply Chain AI rubric examines the impact of artificial intelligence, machine learning and knowledge graphs on the challenging task of ensuring that data is where it is when it needs to be there.

EN 220201 Agent IRIS – In-Platform Agent-Based Simulation of a Connected Factory Cluster banner

Agent IRIS*

In this paper we prototype and explore how multiple agent-based models of robotic factories connected to other robotic factories (represented by their respective models) can be orchestrated using an all-purpose data platform – thereby simulating descriptive and predictive properties of a group of factories (a factory cluster). For the underlying prototype, NetLogo suite was used to do factory agent-based simulation (re-using “Robotic Factory” model [1]) while InterSystems IRIS data platform was used for NetLogo orchestration and factory/cluster end-to-end simulation.

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