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Academia has taken a beating in the age of COVID-19, but it was already facing challenges. The 2020s look like the decade where education will undergo a radical transformation away from the classroom to a continuous, lifelong process of reskilling. Articles in this section focus on how education is being reshaped by AI, biotechnology, social media and hyperconnectivity.

Elementary School Class: Teacher Uses Interactive Digital Whiteb

How AI Helps the Educational Sector

  • Aileen Scott 

AI is rapidly changing the field of education. The advances in the data storage system and advancements made in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the last decade have allowed organizations to store huge amounts of data and utilize that data to produce prescriptive insights.


How Long Does It Take To Learn Blockchain?

  • KathieAdams 

Blockchain is a sophisticated technology. It uses cryptography extensively to secure records and build a tamper-proof network, wherein records can’t be altered unless validated by a majority of participating parties on the network.

hacking process with hacker and computers

Plagiarism in Scientific Research and How to Prevent it

  • Edward Nick 

In scientific research, plagiarism used to be a big problem. Before the advent of free and accessible plagiarism detection tools, people would actually steal the work of their peers and publish it in their name.

Blockchain Information flows in the digital global networks. 3D

Learn Blockchain Technology to Build A Futuristic Career

  • KathieAdams 

In the past few years, blockchain technology has turned out to be a phenomenal technology. The novel attributes of blockchain technology are making business processes more efficient, more secure, and more transparent and are taking the industry toward a new ‘decentralized’ direction.

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