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16 most interesting AI applications across industries worldwide

  • Tarique 

Artificial Intelligence has become a compulsive innovation for humankind, that we cannot live without. It has been gaining strength with every passing moment. The impact of AI applications extends beyond improved business results and can be significant in elevating and enriching the human experience. Popular AI trends in the past have revealed a compelling need for such an advancement in technology; that is setting the path at a higher pedestal for most processes. The current value of nearly USD 100 billion is expected to grow 20-fold by the year 2030, up to nearly USD 2 trillion (source: Statista). This allows enough space to cover a massive gamut of industries across borders under Artificial Intelligence.

About Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is an insanely talented and equipped technological advancement that leverages computers and machines to ape the problem-solving and decision-making capabilities of humans. Students, professionals, and entrepreneurs interested in technology are the best fit for getting started in the AI Industry.

Precedence Research highlights the global artificial intelligence market size is expected to touch USD 1591.03 billion mark by 2030; growing at a CAGR of 38.1%. With these numbers in the light, it offers ample weightage to the Artificial Intelligence industry; which is playing strong with its invasion in every industry possible worldwide.


1. Healthcare

Thinking Intelligently’ has been made easier for machines by Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare as well. Data mining for identifying patterns and carrying out highly accurate diagnoses and treatment of medical conditions; medical imaging, medication management, drug discovery, and robotic surgery, are some of the many AI inventions in healthcare systems.

2. eCommerce

Retail and eCommerce have experienced some of the most evident and startling intrusions of all time. Intelligent and targeted product recommendations, finding patterns in consumer behavior, chatbots on eCommerce websites, and many others have fuelled the AI regime.

3. Banking and finance

AI professionals can be easily seen making Artificial Intelligence an integral part of the Banking industry by far. Software robots processing loan applications, replacing human agents, Robo-financial advisors, and AI-based chatbots, are incredible ways banking has become convenient and consumer-friendly in recent times.

4. Transportation and logistics

Self-driving vehicles have become a rage. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence! From transforming supply chain management to deploying robots for sorting and packaging products in warehouses- AI has transformed the way we envision logistics today.

5. Travel

AI-enabled chatbots have leveraged the highest benefits when it concerns increasing efficiencies, and yielding highly accurate responses to customer queries.

6. Education

Alongside improving educators’ potential, AI has offered ample means to grade homework, schedule meetings, manage multiple online courses at once, send personalized communications to students, and creates or digitize lectures and study guides.

7. Real estate

Analyze market conditions, property prices, and other factors to determine property values, trends, and investment opportunities.

8. Entertainment and gaming

From OTT platforms to recommending personalized shows to the viewers to video games enhancing visuals and gameplay experience; AI has spread its wings in the entertainment industry.

9. Manufacturing

Popularly known as ‘Cobots’, collaborative robots can take instructions from humans and work productively; while in factories, ML and AL are deployed to assist in the predictive maintenance of industrial equipment.

10. Automotive

Using cameras, radar, sensors, and others can detect and accommodate traffic conditions; contributing to safer and more efficient driving. The automotive industry is benefiting hugely from AI assisting in smart decisions, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and automatic emergency braking systems.


  1. Automated Driving programs deployed by Tesla, Audi, Volvo, and others in the design of their new-generation cars are exemplary.
  2. Email Spam Filters to weed out spam and illicit content from your email accounts.
  3. Facial Recognition
  4. Transaction Authentication
  5. Domestic Robots such as Automated vacuums and lawnmowers, rely on AI to avoid obstacles; and learn the best time to perform tasks.
  6. Advanced Home Security Systems along with Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant rely heavily on AI to function par excellence.

With so much happening in the Artificial Intelligence industry so far; it has made it necessary for the industrial players to hire a certified AI talent pool; backed with the best Artificial Intelligence certifications from renowned and most trusted names worldwide. From a diversified industrial application to the minutest of the actions at home; being impacted by Artificial Intelligence; it is time that entering the field becomes accessible with credible AI certification providers that honor the best credentials in the industry.

Looking at the modern applications of AI, the time is rife to make big moves in building a flourishing AI career for yourself with the best by your side. Make yourself an inevitable addition to the AI industry that is expected to yield a whopping growth rate within a decade’s time.