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How to get ahead of the curve when using ChatGPT

  • Aileen Scott 
How to Get Ahead of the Curve When Using ChatGPT

The majority of us are using ChatGPT incorrectly. The prompts we provide do not include examples. The fact that roles allow us to modify ChatGPT’s actions is overlooked.

Instead of feeding ChatGPT hard data, we just let it make educated guesses. This occurs because, most of the time, we rely on generic suggestions that may assist us in doing the task once but not again.

To improve our outcomes, we need to master the art of making effective prompts. Quick engineering is a skill we must have. In addition, this guide teaches us four methods of rapid engineering.

Standard Prompts Are Rarely Used

According to AI professionals, the few-shot standard prompts are the same as the regular ones, except they now provide examples of the assignment.

Whence the need for illustrations? Providing concrete instances of the problem that the prompt is attempting to tackle can greatly improve your chances of success.

The conventional format for few-shot AI prompts includes the job description, several examples, and the prompt itself. The prompt serves as the introduction to a new instance that the model is expected to finish by producing the remaining text.

Let’s pretend we need to evaluate the phrase “I want to fly from Orlando to Boston” for airport codes.

This is the typical question that will be asked:

Use this text to find the airport codes: “I’d like to book a flight from Orlando to Boston.”

This might be adequate, but it could also fall short. When this happens, you need to rely on a handful of tried-and-true cues.

Use this text to find the airport codes:

Text: “I’m looking at booking a flight from LA to Miami.”

Airport Codes: LAX, MIA

Text: “I would like to fly from Nashville to Kansas City.”

Airport Codes: BNA, MCI

Text: “I’d like to take a flight from Orlando to Boston.”

Airport Codes: 

Remember that prior studies have indicated that the instances’ actual solutions are unimportant, but the labelspace is. The set of all feasible labels for a certain job is called the labelspace. The outcomes of your AI prompts might be enhanced by including arbitrary labels from the labelspace.

Let’s put this to the test by entering some made-up airport codes.

Use this text to find the airport codes:

Text: “I’m looking for a flight from LA to Miami.”

Airport Codes: DEN, OAK

Text: “I would like to fly from Nashville to Kansas City.”

Airport Codes: DAL, IDA

Text: “I would like to fly from Orlando to Boston.”

Airport Codes: 

If you used the previous ChatGPT prompt, you would still receive the correct airport codes, MCO and BOS.

Include arbitrary labels from the labelspace regardless of how accurate your examples are. This will teach the model the proper way to best style the response to the prompt, allowing for the best possible results.

Prompting One’s Role

There are instances when ChatGPT’s default settings just won’t cut it. At this point, you’ll want to assign ChatGPT a specific function.

Let’s pretend you need to improve your job interview skills. ChatGPT may replicate any job interview by being instructed to “act as hiring manager” and given additional information about the employment being sought.

Similarly, you may transform ChatGPT into a movie critic to assess any film you choose to watch or a language instructor to learn a new language like Spanish.

Start your prompt with “Act as a…” and fill in the blanks with as much information as you can. You can discover examples of how to make ChatGPT act like a doctor, a stand-up comedian, and more in this repository if you’re feeling stuck.

Personalize Your Questions to Inspire Learning

These two methods of suggestion work well for thinking of material for writing projects like emails, blogs, tales, essays, etc.

When we say we should “add personality to our prompts,” we mean give them a voice and some identifying characteristics. Incorporating a style into our writing may help us achieve the desired formality, tone, and authorial voice.

Write about [subject] like you have at least ten years of expertise in [industry].

We may add descriptors to the output to further tailor it to our needs. To modify your prompt, you may include a description, which is just an adjective.

Let’s say you have 500 words and an idea of how AI will cause the end of the human race. With a basic request like “Write a 500-blog post on how AI will replace humans,” you’re likely to receive a generic blog post.

However, the addition of words like inspiring, satirical, fascinating, and engaging using AI tools will significantly change the outcome.

To our last prompt, let us add some descriptive words.

Create a clever 500-word blog article explaining why AI won’t replace human beings. Use the tone of a writer who has been working with AI for at least ten years. Provide illustrative examples.

Now we may enhance the post using the generated knowledge strategy. The goal here is to come up with as much relevant data as possible before coming to a conclusion.

Prompting a Continuum of Thoughts

Chain of thought prompting differs from traditional prompting in that it induces the model to generate intermediate reasoning stages prior to providing a solution. In other words, rather than just providing a solution, the model will provide an explanation of its thought process.

Why is it so crucial to use reason? Justifying one’s actions usually produces more reliable results.

To implement thought-chain prompting, we must provide relatively brief instances in which the logic is presented with the sample itself. In this manner, not only will the solution to the question be shown, but so will the logic behind it.

To Conclude

Embracing ChatGPT as a crucial tool in your daily interactions with clients and colleagues will set you apart from the rest. It’s essential to understand that using ChatGPT is not only about responding promptly but also about providing quality service.

The tips we’ve shared in this blog will undoubtedly help you get ahead of the curve when using ChatGPT. Keep in mind that ChatGPT is continually evolving, so it’s essential to stay updated with new features and trends. Use artificial intelligence certification by a reputed platform to your advantage, and you’ll undoubtedly build meaningful relationships that will benefit your brand and career in the long run.